Assess the ESG preferences
of your clients
through behavioral finance

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% of investors want to have an impact in their investments. 80% for Millennials


% of investors want further information about Sustainable Finance


% of European ESG funds have outperformed traditonal funds over the past 10 years


Our ESGprofiler allows you to assess your clients' preferences in terms of Sustainable Investments through an interactive questionnaire based on Behavioral Finance

Assess the appetence of your clients for Sustainable Finance

Get a ranking of each client's preferred areas of Sustainable Development.

In line with European taxonomy and MiFIDII compliant


Different ESG profiles


% of client and advisor satisfaction


% growth in sales of ESG products


Integration of our ESGprofiler in the MiFIDII onboarding

A crowdfunding platform integrates our ESGprofiler into its onboarding process in order to boost investments in its ESG projects and meet the new MiFIDII requirements.

Improvement of compliance with MiFIDII

The integration of our ESGprofiler into the MiFIDII onboarding process enables our client to meet the new MiFIDII requirements on ESG preference assessment

An Increase in client satisfaction

Growth in investments in ESG projects


Survey of the ESG preferences of the end clients of an asset management company

An asset manager offers our ESGprofiler to one of its institutional clients in order to survey the expectations of end clients in terms of Sustainable Finance and to support them in defining their ESG strategy.

Links to our ESGprofiler customized to the asset manager's products are distributed to end clients by e-mail, without any IT integration, in order to identify their appetite for ESG and the impact they are looking for in their investments.

ESG preference segmentation

At the end of the ESGprofiler survey, the asset manager and its institutional client receive a detailed analysis of the end clients' ESG and risk expectations. This data enables the asset manager to create a tailor-made offer for his client.

Raising awareness and educating clients on sustainable finance issues

During the survey, end clients were able to discover the concepts of ESG investments through a user-friendly and immersive questionnaire.


Marketing campaign to raise clients' awareness on sustainble finance and increase their contributions

Our ESGprofiler is used by an insurance company specialized in pension funds to raise employees' awareness about sustainable finance issues and increase their contributions in their ESG employee pension fund.

Our ESGprofiler is integrated on our client's website so that employees can discover their investment values via a gamified and immersive questionnaire.

Raising awareness and educating clients on sustainable finance

Our ESGprofiler allows employees to discover the concept of sustainable investment through a gamified and interactive journey.

Increase in contributions in the green employee savings fund

At the end of the ESGprofiler process, employees discover that the ESG pension fund offered by default by the insurance company is in keeping with their investment values. They are encouraged to increase their contributions to make a better impact on their investment

Integration and customization

We customize our ESGprofiler to your products and methodology

100% anonymous. Hosted in the cloud or on-premise

In standalone or integrated to your IT system

User-friendly. Available on smartphone, tablet and PC

Sustainable investments: what are the expectations of private investors?

image du livre blanc de Neuroprofiler sur les investissements durables

Discover our white paper on Sustainable Investments and the expectations of individual investors.