Assess your clients'
risk preferences through
behavioral finance

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Our RISKprofiler is an immersive and dynamic questionnaire which helps assess your clients' risk preferences and predict their behavior tendencies through Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance

Predict your clients' behaviors


Meet MiFIDII recommendations regarding the use of Behavioral Finance


Immersive and adaptive journey


% rate of predictability vs. 10% for traditional risk profiling


Different risk profiles


% of client and advisor satisfaction


% growth in sales of more dynamic products


Meet the ESMA recommendations for client suitability assessment

Our RISKprofiler is used in the onboarding process of a Familly Office to meet the ESMA recommendations regarding the use Behavioral Finance in client suitability assessment.

Improvement of MiFIDII compliance

The use of Neuroprofiler helped our client to meet the MiFIDII recommendations regarding client suitability assessment

80% of customer satisfaction

Our RISKprofiler is preferred by 80% of clients and advisors by comparison to traditional questionnaires. 

Reduction of the drop-out rate of the MiFIDII onboarding process

Growth in sales of dynamic products


Marketing campaign of upselling to shift from euro funds to units of account

Our RISKprofiler is used by a life insurer in an e-mailing marketing campaign to invite their clients with a 100% euro funds portfolio to discover their risk profile and to boost their investments with more profitable units of account.

Boost of clients' investments with units of account

Increase the clients' outstanding amounts

Increase in client satisfaction

Integration and customization

40+ designs available. Suit all types of clients, from Millenials to senior clients

100% anonymous. Deployable on the cloud or on-premise

Standalone or integrated into your IT system

User-friendly. Available on smartphone, tablet and PC.

MiFID II and Financial Knowledge Assessment

Neuroprofiler's white paper on mifid ii and financial literacy assessment

Discover our white paper about financial knowledge assessment on MiFID II