Recommend products
that match your
clients' expectations

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Our RECOprofiler recommends suitable financial products to your clients that match their preferences through Behavioral Finance

Fund selection

Portfolio selection

Asset allocation

The RECOprofiler journey

Risk profile

Your client's risk profile is assessed with our RISKprofiler

ESG preferences

The ESG preferences of your client are assessed with our ESGprofiler or with an existing questionnaire

Financial literacy

The financial literacy of your client is assessed with our MIFIDprofiler or with an existing questionnaire


Our RECOprofiler uses this data to select the right product for your clients from your product range using a behavioral finance algorithm


Sample portfolio selection for a private bank

Our RECOprofiler is used to digitize the advisory process in an international private bank. Combined with our MIFIDprofiler, our ESGprofiler and our RISKprofiler, our RECOprofiler allows this bank to offer its clients one of their 5 sample portfolios at the end of a user-friendly process that the client can perform remotely or in the presence of his banker.

MiFIDII/LSFin compliance

Our RECOprofiler helps our client select the products that perfectly match their clients' preferences.

Increase client satisfaction

Our RECOprofiler offers to clients a seamless and interactive digital experience to increase the onboarding completion rate.

Integration and customization

We adapt our RECOprofiler to your products and methodology

100% anonymous. Hosted in the cloud or on-premise

Possible integration with our RISK, ESG and MIFIDprofiler or with your existing questionnaire

Process 100% remotely or with the support of an advisor