Assess your customers'


Our MIFIDprofiler is an immersive and adaptive questionnaire to effectively assess the MiFIDII/LSFin/DDA profile of your clients.

Financial situation

Financial experience

Financial knowledge

Investment objectives


% shorter than a traditional onboarding process


% of client and advisor satisfaction


MiFIDII/LSFin reviews by top-tier consulting firms

Client Case: Transforming the MiFIDII onboarding process into a client acquisition tool

Our MIFIDprofiler is used in the onboarding process of a robo advisor to optimize its client acquisition.

Improvement of MiFIDII compliance

The use of Neuroprofiler has allowed our client to meet MiFIDII recommendations for client suitability assessment and achieve the advisory licence.

Client satisfaction

80% of clients and advisors prefer MIFIDprofiler over traditional questionnaires.

Reducing drop-out rate from MiFIDII onboarding

Integration and customization

We adapt our MIFIDprofiler to your needs (corporate identity, products, design, customer typology)

100% anonymous. Deployable on the cloud or on your servers

In standalone or integrated into your IT system

User-friendly. Available on smartphone, tablet and PC