Help your clients
better understand
financial products


% of investors think they lack financial knowledge to invest


% of investors invest in conservative products due to limited financial knowledge


of euros of fines from the AMF over the past 5 years due to poor assessments of financial knowledge


Boost your sales of complex products by helping your clients understand their mechanisms through a gamified financial education application

Increase your sales by educating your customers, in line with financial regulations

In order to better protect investors, European regulations require the assessment of financial knowledge so that individual investors invest in products they understand.

As a consequence, advisors have to sell conservative products to less experienced clients, even if they are willing to invest in dynamic products.

The ESMA therefore calls for measures to improve the financial education of individual investors.

Our financial education application helps you train your clients to recommend products that perfectly match their risk profile, regardless of their complexity. 

This application can be used remotely by the client or in the presence of his advisor.

Preparing for the generational transition

Educate your new generation of clients to prepare for the future and ensure their loyalty thanks to a gamified application to help them discover the world of investments.

Integration and customization

We customize our EDUprofiler to your products

100% anonymous. Hosted in the cloud or on-premise

In standalone or integrated to your IT system

Available on smartphone, tablet and PC