Cognitive Bias: The Monty hall Case


You have been invited to be on a famous TV game called Monty Hall.

To win a beautiful car, you have to open the right door.

The car is behind one of them while two goats are behind the other doors.

Which door do you choose? Watch this video to know more about this famous bias!

Financial engineering and rationality: experimental evidence based on the Monty Hall problem. Brian Kluger (University of Cincinnati),Daniel Friedman (University of California at Santa Cruz)

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  • HALVOR LOGNVIK 29 November 2021

    Interesting logics, but as far as I am able to see , there are catches. The Host can always pick the goat regardless of what door you pick. The car may well be behind your chosen door and the odds do not actually change in favour of a swap due to the fact that when the host exclude one door the total frame of the game changes from a tripel game to a 2 way game

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