ESG financial products: assessing your customers’ expectations will help you sell more

Falling interest rates, investor reluctance, difficulties in switching from euro funds to unit-linked products… These are not the most favorable times for

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Banking: 10 actions to boost ESG product sales to individuals

While a growing number of investors are seeking to make sense of their investments, ESG products are not yet meeting the demand.

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ESG: is green investment a fad?

Whether you’ve been convinced for years that ESG products are the future of investment, or whether you previously considered them to be

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Gamification in the banking and financial sector: what are the business opportunities?

Fintech, online banks, neo-banks... In an increasingly competitive context, traditional financial institutions are on the lookout for innovations that will allow them

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Sustainable investments: SDGs, ESG, SRI, impact investing…what is the difference?

Author: Angela Ekwu Environmentally friendly investments or socially in tune investments have become more and more popular over the past 10 years.

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Behavioral finance and social preferences

Behavioral Economics research – and later, Social Preferences research – started with lab experiments in the 1970s, where experimental

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