Cognitive Bias

Cognitive biases and risk decision-making

Behavioral finance uses psychological insights to inform financial theory. Behavioral finance holds that we do not behave like the rational and self-interested

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The herding effect

We are all influenced by the opinions expressed by others when making decisions. This natural tendency results from the anchoring

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Ratio bias, Covid-19 and choices of vaccines

You’ve decided to get vaccinated to enjoy your summer holidays. You go to the lab where two vaccines are offered, both have

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The Allais Paradox or the limits of rationality

Let’s play two little games! First game: Imagine you have to push one of two buttons: If you push the blue button,

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Covid-19 vaccine: decisions under uncertainty

Would you accept the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine if you had to make that choice today?  You may have had this kind of

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Are you overconfident? Let’s take this small test to get an answer! Please answer each question and indicated how confident you are

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