How Neuroprofiler can improve client investments

Neuroprofiler is a new solution to the quests of banks and investment firms with retail clients that have the capacity to invest. The solution is made in such a way that it is extremely user friendly using a gamified outlook. It involves answering a series of questions to have an investment portfolio tailor fit for your client. 

This tailor fit appraisal of your client’s interests in investment choices saves banks and investment firms the stress of making an unwelcomed portfolio choice or bandwagon choice. This helps the retail clients feel special and treated with the utmost respect of what matters to them and how their money is being mobilized for investments. 

Neuroprofiler takes it a step further by giving the retail clients an option to learn more about investment products specific to your bank or investment firm. This is done through machine learning by posing certain questions and giving them a feedback on what it is about. This improves the number of conversions or client acquisition in terms of a new form of investment portfolio that has been launched. This is only logical as the more informed people are about a product the more confident they are in making an investment or buying decision.

With Neuroprofiler, you have no worries as it can easily be integrated with your banking or investment platform or externally as you deem fit for your business. The services are a hundred percent online and you can be assured of a tailored fit service delivery of your individual investment options. With almost everything going digital, why not make risk profiling and investment preferences a viable digital option for your most esteemed retail client base?