Behavioral finance

Behavioural finance: interview with Julien Revelle

What is really great about fintech, is that it is here to solve problems. That is the ultimate premise.

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Introduction to behavioral economics

The objective of behavioral economics is to model and quantify psychological factors which affect our financial decisions, such as emotions, misperceptions, and

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Turning client suitability into a science

Financial advisors in many countries are now required to offer financial products adapted to their client’s risk profile. However, more than 10

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Cognitive biases and risk decision-making

Behavioral finance uses psychological insights to inform financial theory. Behavioral finance holds that we do not behave like the rational and self-interested

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Behavioral finance and social preferences

Behavioral Economics research – and later, Social Preferences research – started with lab experiments in the 1970s, where experimental

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What is loss aversion?

CONGRATULATIONS! We are invited to play a famous TV money game. To play, we have the choice between several lotteries:

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