Sustainable investment: what are the expectations of private investors?

Whether it be their everyday purchases or in their investments, investors are now looking to have a positive impact on society and the planet. This environmental and social awareness is reflected in a growing interest in sustainable finance. For banks, portfolio management companies, and investment advisors, this craze for ESG products represents a tremendous opportunity to regain profitability… provided that they offer financial products that are in line with investors’ values.

Do investors prefer to act in favor of the fight against climate change? To preserve biodiversity? Or do they aspire to a more circular economy? And to what extent are they willing to sacrifice profitability to invest in sustainable finance? To boost their sales, financial institutions need to know exactly what retail investors want to offer them suitable ESG products.

To help financial institutions in this process, Neuroprofiler has surveyed individuals’ appetite for industries identified by the European green taxonomy. Discover the results of this unique survey in this white paper dedicated to sustainable investment, conducted from a large international sample of investors