Neuroprofiler among the Puteaux’s 6 Fastest Growing FinTech Startups

At Fintech Energy they tracked over 200,000 fintech startups and over 1,000,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. They use this directory of startups to highlight top employees, founders and organisations we think deserve more appreciation than they are currently getting.

They’ve ranked the top 6 FinTech companies in Puteaux. The companies, startups and institutions listed in this article are all exceptional companies, well worth a follow. They have included links to their websites, socials and CrunchBase (if you’re interested in their financials).

The organisations are listed in this article based on:

  • Track record
  • Executive leadership
  • Market share
  • Innovation
  • ESG rating

Top FinTech Companies & Startups (Puteaux)

Descartes Underwriting

FoundersSebastien Piguet, Tanguy Touffut, Kevin Dedieu

Descartes Underwriting is an insurtech company that specializes in climate risk modeling and data-driven risk transfer

FoundersAlexandre Gillier, Baptiste Collot, Simon Elcham

Trustpair is digitizes and automates the validation of your vendor payments to protect you against transfer frauds.

FoundersJulien Revelle, Tiphaine Saltini

Neuroprofiler is a behavioral finance game to help financial advisors assess the investor profile.



Manymore provides CRM, FinTech and SaaS solutions for wealth management consultants and insurance companies.



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Societe Generale – FORGE


Societe Generale – FORGE is a Financial Services company.

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