MiFID II and financial literacy testing: why is retail financial education necessary?  [WHITE PAPER]

While financial education has historically been part of the CSR policies of asset management companies, the subject is now an integral part of their commercial policies. The reason? The obligation to assess the financial knowledge of retail investors via a knowledge test is enshrined in MiFID II. After a period of relative tolerance, the first warnings and sanctions have been issued. Today, companies offering portfolio management, advisory and order execution services have no choice but to take the subject of financial education seriously. The application of MiFID II makes certain financial products in line with their investment objectives inaccessible to many individuals due to a lack of knowledge.

What exactly is required by the regulations? What are the good and bad practices for assessing financial literacy? And how can financial products be sold to European individuals with minimal financial education? Neuroprofiler offers you through this white paper an in-depth study of the different recommendations of the European regulators and provides ways to improve the financial education of savers in a straightforward and simple manner.